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The Satellite Station in Kiel-Rönne offers:

Space for the School
receive images from satellites, record weather data or obtain radio astronomical measurements - there are many possibilities to make use of the satellite station. You can make your lessons more lively and ... by incorporating real data from current weather images, high-resolution satellite images and processed results from ground-based weather stations. Several receiving stations and sophisticated computer processing allows deeper work in themes from geography, physics and astronomy, mathematics and also biology.
Amateur radio communications
on short waves and the higher bands (3.5 ... 24000 MHz). Communications by reflection of signals by the lunar surface.
Observations of satellites and space probes
reception of images and movies from weather satellites. Following interplanetary probes to Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and beyond
Radio astronomy
Measurements of the surface temperature of the Sun at different layers, and of the temperature of the lunar surface. Observations of the spiral arms of our Milky Way's gaseous disk and its movement around the Galactic Centre. Measurement of the radio emission from the planets of the Solar System, exploded stars, and distant galaxies including quasars.
Collaboration with planetariums
Guided tours and live demonstrations for visitors groups and planetarium events, ...
Hands-on use of the satellite station:
Would you like to let your school class to experience the satellite station in action, as e.g. part of a hiking tour or a day out?
Please coordinate with: Per Dudek

Part of a world-wide warning system
Unusual visitors could Per Dudek now welcome at his satellite station in Rönne. Where normally fox and rabbit meet between large parabolic mirrors at the site at the city's rim, a team from French Televison arrived to have a good look at this hi-tech site and to interview the radio amateur on the subject of space weather. ... The report by Karin Jordt in the section 'Landeshauptstadt Kiel' of the newspaper 'Kieler Nachrichten' from 03 may 2014 you can find here [in German, 193 kB]

Here you can watch the film which presents a very comprehensive overview about space weather, solar activity, and the role which is played by the STEREO mission and the reception of their data to enhance our understanding of these phenomena.

Kiel's contact to Mars

Since last week Per Dudek (63), a radio amateur from Kiel, is receiving signals from NASA's martian rover 'Curiosity'. Interpretable data are not obateined, but merely the fact that something reaches him, is something that astonishes the radio world and the U.S. space agency. ... You may read this report by Thomas Eisenkrätzer in the newspaper 'Kieler Nachrichten' from 29 august 2012. [in German, 606 kB]

Rönne's contact with space
A delegation of NASA visits Kiel's satellite station – unique cooperation in the Deep-Space-Network with amateurs. The satellite station in Kiel-Rönne has officially been working for NASA for the last two years, and provides the American space agency with data from two solar space probes. Yesterday a team of NASA scientists and technicians visited for the first time Per Dudek on his grounds at the city rim – and was enthusiastic. ... You may read the full report by Karin Jordt in the newspaper 'Kieler Nachrichten' of 27 july 2011 [in German, 250 kB]

Allmighty Amateurs

The satellite station in Kiel-Rönne now also works offically for NASA, providing the American space agency with data from two solar space probes. This unusual cooperation benefits not only scientists at Kiel University, but also schools in Schleswig-Holstein. ... Thus starts Karin Jordt's report in the weekend pages of the newspaper 'Kieler Nachrichten' from 12 june 2009. Read the entire article [in German, 1.950 kB]

A visit by the amateur radio magazine
Per Dudek and Nils Dohse observe in a container-shack the signals of NASA satellite. That amateur radio may go far beyond normal radio contacts, one may learn from Per Dudek, DK7LJ. On his grounds he has several parabolic mirrors, many kilometers of cables are buried - and since some time he receives data for NASA. ... Read the whole article [in German, 302 kB] by Stefan Hüpper, DH5FFL, which appeared in july 2009 in CQ DL, the magazine of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC)

Official NASA ground station
Since Match 1st, 2009 the ground station of the IQSH - DLØSHF - serves as an official NASA receiving station for the solar probes Stereo A and Stereo B. The demodulation of the received telemetry and raw image data is carried out in Kiel-Rönne and then the data are sent to NASA (details here). Interested schools are welcome to get in touch via email:

More about the ground station operations.
Currently, we follow two spacecraft: Stereo A (and B) and ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer)
Click on the images to display the current schedule of the tracking stations

Collaboration with Kiel University

The Institut für Extraterrestische Physik runs two experiments on the Stereo spacecraft. We provide the institute with the received data, and thus make it possible to inspect and use them immediately, thus avoiding the typical 2-day delay.
In collaboration with the IQSH and the University in the framework of the Enrichment-Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture a project is being prepared which offers to talented pupils in the areas of physics and informatics the possibility to participate in the interpretation and utilization of the obtained data.

In the Institut für Theoretische Physik und Astrophysik the students in astronomy have the opportunity to observe and measure celestial radio sources as part of their practical classes.