STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) is a mission of NASA, which consists of two nearly identical spacecraft circling the Sun. One is ahead of the Earth, the other is trailing behind. This provides the first stereoscopic view of the Sun, and thus giving essential information about coronal mass ejections (CME, or commonly called solar eruptions). The principal aims of these observations are The instruments on board are: The spacecraft were launched on 2006. They were placed in their respective orbits by gravity-assist passes around the Moon.

Links to NASA facilities

STEREO Learning Center
Latest SECCHI beacon images
STEREO Space Weather Beacon Coverage
STEREO In-Situ and Radio Space Weather Beacon Data
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Collaboration with Kiel University

The Institut für Extraterrestische Physik runs two experiments on the Stereo spacecraft. We provide the institute with the received data, and thus make it possible to inspect and use them immediately, instead of a delay of typical 2 days.
In collaboration with the IQSH and the University in the framework of the Enrichment-Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture a project is being prepared which offers to talented pupils in the areas of physics and informatics the possibility to participate in the interpretation and utilization of the obtained data.

Beacon A Beacon b
Beacon A Beacon B

Instructions to search among the STEREO images

To select the images received in Kiel-Rönne, proceed as follows:

1. Choose the time

  • Open Space Weather Beacon Coverage
  • Select the time interval during which only Kiel could recieve.
  • The data you find with "KIE": Amateur station DL0SHF, Kiel-Rönne, Germany

2. Select an image

  • Open Search for Stereo Image
  • Select for Stereo A (Ahead = rot) "Ahead EUVI 195" with 512 x 512 as well as 'slide show' and 'Latest Images', e.g. 90. After confirming 'Search' there will be a lengthy time to wait. For Stereo B (Behind = blue) use "Behind EUVI 195".