Earth-Moon-Earth communications

Beacon Operations on 10 GHz

Using the 7.2m dish we run the beacon with these characteristics

Some Images of the Hardware

The 9 m parabolic mirror for 1.3 GHz with its primary focus feed. The antenna had a gain of 40 dBi, the receiving system a system temperature of 50 K.
The mirror is mounted on the turret drive from a Leopard tank ...
... the azimuth drive with the gear box and a 410 V Dahlander motor, as is used in all the large antennas ...
... the angle is measured by a 15/18 bit true angle sensor (in all antennas for azimuth and elevation) ...
... Finally the control box of the mirror drives with frequency converters for the motors, as it stands next to all antennas.
The container shack of the 1.3 GHz equipment contains the electronics for mirror control, receiver, and transmitter.
The new 1.3 GHz transmitter power amplifier needs to be finished ...
The 6 m dish of the 2.3 GHz EME equipment is also used for work in the S-band (2.1 GHz) of the DSN.
The container shack common to 2.3 and 24 GHz with all its rack-mounted electronics ...
... and the operator's position.
The 7.2 m mirror for 10 GHz, with feed in the Cassegrain focus. In the background are the 2.3 GHz dish and the 60 m tower.
10 GHz EME shares the container shack with the 8.4 GHz (32 GHz) DSN installation.
The 3.7 m mirror on 24 GHz.
The TWT stage undergoes an inspection in the maintenance container.
A glance into the PC- and workshop container ...
... also shows the network electronics.